Minutes of 2019 CEC Meeting

CEC 2019 Meeting Tápiószentmárton, Hungary

21-nd of September 2019

Participants reps from: Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia

  1. Decision on 2020 rounds

 Rules for organizing, the original concept and original rules should be kept.

* Meaning competitions are organized inside the circle of 700km as agreed previous years. Possibly as close to the Austrian-Hungarian-Slovenian border as possible, the center of this circle (See map from past minutes)

*After studying the international calendar we agreed that 4 legs will be held in 2020

*CEC is considered as international competition, meaning that national calendar is adjusted to CEC and not vice versa. This is up to each organizing countrie’s

Association to watch and ensure.

-to organize a CEC round archers from the organizing country shall be present on more than half of the organized rounds in other countries

in at least two consecutive years.

-Costs must be kept down when it comes to travelling, number of nights on place and registration fees.

– CEC is a FITA star event but no WRE where the main target group of ours Juniors and Cadets are not considered. Everyone is welcome to organize WRE and we strive to be present, but not within CEC.

– Results summary must be sent for publication on CEC page after each round and in excel, no other format is acceptable.

– Every one decides the entry fee and the way of organizing according to the procedures in the particular country. The main goal is to make a high standard competition for         the archers. Keep the time schedule, as much competition as possible, timing system, results in time, help with good-cheap accommodation.

– Invitation has to state what to expect so everyone can prepare such as: Tents, Lunch(es), benches, tables, chairs, the detailed schedule.

Decision was also made that it has to be sent to Sebastian first for a control before sending out to everyone.

1.1 Countries left out 2019have priority as organizers 2020 if athletes did participate on 2019 competitions as above. (Croatia, Austria)

2. CEC legs 2020:

09.05. 2020   Serbia

18.07. 2020   Austria

08.08 .2020   Croatia

19.and 20. 09.  2020 Slovakia and reserve is Hungary

3. Format of individual competitions

Leg 1: one day competition. Qualification and elimination rounds. Points after elimination round are counted.

Leg2: one day competition. Qualification and elimination rounds. Points after elimination round are counted.

Leg 3: one day competition. Qualification and elimination rounds. Points after elimination round are counted.

Leg 4:

1-st day  Qualification round. Points added to CEC table after Q round and both the Leg results and the summarized (3 best legs)

2-d day Mixed Team competition. CEC GP 6 matches rounds than elimination rounds. Mixed team matches. Award ceremony.

Hungary can help with GP program and office.

6 matches round.

The legs are considered as qualification round and the best result is counted as qualification points for the 6 M round. Each leg participation is worth 1 point, so in best case the starting point for an archer is 4 in 6M before start of the game.

win is 2 points, draw is 1 point each.

The categories will be drawn together:

  • 70 meters: recurve juniors, Adult, men and women
  • 60 meters: recurve cadets and veterans, men and women
  • 50 meters all compound together

all archers shoot 15 arrows/match. Recurve in set system compound point system.

6 matches guarantied for every participant, after that elimination rounds for the best 32,16,8,4 (4 participants is the minimum in each category) Elimination round as usual.

Only the indicated number of archers go each round, no pre-seedings is used. In case of same points

Hungary has existing computer program for it but can be done manually also, easily.

Points will be shown continuously after each round

System will be presented at place for interested people

Goal: to practice elimination rounds as much as possible, as direct elimination does not give any chance for getting used to it and practice the actual elimination matches.

3.1 Format of team competitions. (as from 2015)

 Mixed team (1 man and 1 woman in each team)

 There will be 3 different groups. Those who shoot from 70m, 60m and 50m

 age is not considered

 pure national teams are not a must, can be from 2 different countries in this case no country code indicated

4. Barebow is taken in as new CEC division as WA also opens it. Only adult men and women.

Targetface: 122cm Distance : 50m