Minutes CEC Meeting in Budapest

8-th of September 2012, Budapest


Representatives from the following countries present: CRO, SLO, SRB, HUN

Format for 2013 CEC will be: 2×70 Recurve , 2×50 compound, eliminations(1-8) firsts 16 people.

Min 4 shooters for elimination round in division.

Organizing of CEC competitions: In future newcomers must join competitions in other countries before organizing a round. We agree that we must go to others competitions, not just waiting for others to come to us. This is the basic of the whole idea, otherwise the international competition becomes national again. The best is to support our archers as associations to go to the other countries, if possible.

Rules will not be changed 2013.

Results must be sent in for exposal on home page.

Official language will be English.(most things must be in English also beside the home language).

No blue jeans is allowed from 2013.

Result system: we try to manage to go over to IANSEO.( Not a must)

4 competitions will be held and for CEC prizing 3 best results counts.

27 Apr 2013 – CEC Slovenia
1 Jun 2013 – CEC Serbia
6 Jul 2013 – CEC Croatia
2013.08.24.  31 Aug 2013 – CEC Budapest